Social media should still be social


Last year, I made a New Year’s resolution to blog more.

Did I blog up to my expectations? No. That said, I did blog at least 300 percent more in 2016 than I did in 2015. I consider that a success. (2015 was a very bad blogging year, but still.) Baby steps.

My 2017 resolution (for online purposes, at least) is not only to up my blog posts, but my overall use of social media. Not in the I-have-no-life-and-I-need-instant-gratification kind of way. But the look-at-the-power-of-social-media kind of way.

Specifically, I speak of Twitter.

Yes, you should follow me.

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Tweeting on Target: a company’s engagement with a lowly customer

Social media engagement is something, I believe as a consumer, companies need to spend resources to perfect.

And Target is doing something right.

I decided to celebrate the beginning of my weekend Friday morning with a trip to Target. Did I need anything? No. I rarely see a specific reason to go to Target, and I don’t think I need one other than wanting to go to Target.

So I tweeted my excitement.

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Reporters’ Guide to Twitter, or #HowTwitterShouldBeUsed

A screen capture of my Twitter timeline.

A screen capture of my Twitter timeline.

It’s so hard to cram so much into 140 characters.

I have several categories of tweets I send. My main requirement is that I must find what I type interesting – the thought process being that I can make something interesting to someone else.

Sometimes, that entails retweeting the governor of Virginia. Sometimes, that entails retweeting Wawa. Because I love Wawa.

My tweeting categories range from work-related tweets to Charlottesville happenings to hometown pride to “just for fun.” A number of my followers rely on my Twitter account to know about what’s in the news (recently, I tweeted updates from the scene of a plane crash in Albemarle County). But not all my tweets are Charlottesville-specific, as not all of my followers are specific to Charlottesville.

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AP Stylebook tweets you right

My life just got a little more complete.

I previously vowed on this blog that I would not become a Twitter fiend, yet I find myself strangely addicted to the social networking site. Yet, thanks to a few certain Tweeters (such as LarryMendte, Captn_Morgan and AlexsLemonade), I’ve embraced this ridiculous Web service.

But now, the ultimate product joined Twitter — the AP Stylebook.

The AP Stylebook is the fundamental product any aspiring journalist should worship, regardless of the type of journalism (even broadcasters). Marketing manager Colleen Newvine tweets to followers who ask AP style questions. I think this might be my dream job (next to host of Wheel of Fortune, of course).

I encourage everyone to follow APStylebook and learn a thing or two. And while you’re at it, follow me, too.