Freedom of Information Act: Gift or nuisance?

A new article from the Washington Post says the drama between University of Virginia President Teresa Sullivan and Rector Helen Dragas has far from passed.

The article, wonderfully written by Jenna Johnson, suggests a “struggle for control of the university’s agenda and priorities” continues behind the scenes, as evidenced by numerous emails obtained by the Washington Post.

The emails show Dragas sent Sullivan a list of 65 goals to achieve before the end of the school year, something Sullivan contested as being unrealistic. Sullivan suggested this in an email to the university’s governing body, the Board of Visitors.

“I am not averse to stretch goals,” Sullivan said in emails, according to the article, “but I also do not care to be set up to fail.”

The article goes on to ask one of the Board of Visitors’ newest members his thoughts on the tension. According to the article, Richmond businessman Willam H. Goodwin was “angry that the internal e-mail was shared with The Post and argued that the news media should not report on issues that cast U-Va. in a poor light. He said there is no tension between the board and the administration.”

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