OPINION: Blindside by the Blind Temple Board of Trustees

The 2013 Homecoming game of Temple's football program at Lincoln Financial Field. Higher attendance than normal because of the Homecoming.

The 2013 Homecoming game of Temple’s football program at Lincoln Financial Field. Higher attendance than normal because of the Homecoming.

This is my rare attempt at an editorial. Opinions on this hyperlocal story that I will not cover for any news organization in the Philadelphia area are my own.

I don’t think it’d be widely disputed that $3 million in college athletics is a drop in the bucket.

It’s a calamity that that’s reality. But… it’s reality.

If $3 million, out of a total $44 million budget, could save the jobs of nine college coaches and the pride of 150 student-athletes, wouldn’t college officials try to find some way to create a more balanced budget and save the livelihoods of all affected?

Nah, apparently not.

Sometimes, tough decisions need to be made. And the folks at my alma mater, Temple University, made the decision to cut seven sports programs, affecting those 150 student-athletes and nine full-time employees.

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Temple Owls are Everywhere, Even at Political Barbecues

Sen. Mark Warner and Rep. Tom Perriello speak at the 22nd-annual Democratic Party barbecue.

It’s 9 o’clock on a Saturday, and I’m eating my dinner (aka Chex Mix and a Butterfigner). And not at a piano bar.

I covered the 22nd-annual Albemarle County Democratic Barbecue today. The goal of the event is to raise money and support for U.S. Rep. Tom Perriello, a Democrat who represents Virginia’s 5th District.

Speaking for the congressman today was U.S. Sen. Mark Warner, also a Virginia Democrat. You may have seen him recently on an episode of Top Chef. All this, and I forgot to ask him how the food was. Although he raved about the brisket today. Definitely a foodie, and a very nice man.

To cover all our bases, I talked to a local man via phone interview who attended the Restoring Honor rally in Washington. Many conservatives headed up there for the rally featuring Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin.

Here’s the behind-the-scenes look…

As soon as I get to the barbecue, I obviously head toward the food. The barbecue smelled very good. There are two men under the tent, who I dubbed the “grill masters.” One was wearing a Yankees hat.

“I’ve gotta say off the bat, I don’t like your hat,” I told one of the guys, adding that I’m a Phillies fan. I won’t respond with his exact response. But we had a good laugh.

I then learned to leave rivalries behind and not criticize someone right before asking them for a favor (such as an on-camera interview). But in the end, I spoke to the other grill master.

Turns out, the guy in the Yankees hat went to school in Philly. Not only did he go to school in Philly, but he went to Temple. And not only did he go to Temple, but he graduated with a degree in communications and worked at WRTI.

“And then I got a job in construction and made the real money,” he said.

He showed me his car, where he displays a Temple window cling proudly. It reminded me of mine, which says, “Temple Owls are Everywhere.”

Today, of all days, is proof of that.

Side note… This is my 300th post on this blog. Normally, I’d call that a milestone. But since this is my third post in eight months (and second today), I’ll hold back.