‘More Than’ Disappointed: Rant of AP Style Changes

associated press stylebookThe Associated Press Stylebook is basically my Bible.

Now, however, I feel as if I’m led astray.

Last week, the folks at the AP made a drastic change. I don’t use the term “drastic” loosely when I talk about style.

The AP has decided that “over” is an acceptable substitute for “more than” when talking about numbers.

I had to read about the change more than 10 times before the magnitude of such a change sunk in. (See what I did there?)

Such a concept has been a core of the AP Stylebook for decades, one that I learned as a journalism student and one that I implemented as a college newspaper editor. And it’s a rule I’ve continued to – and will continue to – use professionally (and personally – whom am I kidding?).

Sure, I may have allowed the misspelling of the word “commitment” on the front page of some 10,000 copies of The Temple News. But I swear you never saw an “over” where a “more than” should have been.

We all make mistakes.

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