Continuing my nerdom in NYC

two dots

Two Dots screenshot.

If you find me on a New York City subway, you will find me in one of two positions: eyes closed, pretending to sleep so no one approaches me, or headphones in (even if there’s no music playing) and eyes glued to my phone.

Yes, I have taken steps to become a true New Yorker.

If it’s the latter, my eyes are typically glued to a game I discovered long ago called Two Dots. It’s basically a game of connect the dots — the goal is to connect dots of the same color while battling obstacles like fire, ice cubes and magnets.

It’s not quite as ridiculous as it sounds. Promise. But it’s highly addicting.

And when I heard there would be a Two Dots Tournament in New York City this week, of course I pounced.

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New York Life Lessons in 90 Minutes

MTA L train at Sixth Avenue station. (Courtesy:

MTA L train at Sixth Avenue station. (Courtesy:

New York life lessons. Let people off the subway before getting on. And use the restroom when it’s appropriately available to you.

Those are the keys to success.

I spent time in Union Square on Sunday, watching the Eagles game at a great spot, Bait and Hook. I recommend the crab and artichoke dip and the lobster macaroni and cheese. So decadent. Plus — apricot beer. Yum.

There was a line for the restroom as we were leaving, so I decided to wait until the next stop, Starbucks. Surely, Starbucks has an acceptable restroom, as well. But not only was the line for my coffee long, so was the line to the restroom.

“You know what,” I told my patient self, “my Williamsburg apartment is only a short 10-minute subway ride away. Six stops. I can wait.”

Famous last words.

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