Not giving up my shot to see ‘Hamilton’


My Playbill and front-row ticket to see Hamilton on Broadway, sitting literally two feet away from the stage.

Really, it was just meant to be.

I’ve written extensively about how I totally botched my shot at seeing arguably the most popular Broadway show in years by not knowing my constitutional delegates in the conventions of the 1770s.

Turns out, Alexander Hamilton was looking out for me anyway.

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How I Lost My Chance to See ‘Hamilton’

ask me another screenshot

Screenshot of Ask Me Another‘s website. Link below.

Earlier this year, I wrote about that one time I was a game show contestant.

Now, I have the proof.

The episode of the radio show/podcast Ask Me Another featuring yours truly has finally been published. It was recorded in February.

You can listen and/or download it here (or wherever you may get your podcasts).

And though I’m not one for spoilers, I’m about to give one. I didn’t win. Otherwise, I would’ve been bragging about it since February. And here’s why.

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