‘F*** It, I Quit’: Stop the Spread of the Viral Video

quitting reporter

A blurred screenshot of said reporter committing said act on live television. It looks better this way.

You’ve probably seen the video. A dramatic local news reporter who quit her job on air by dropping the theoretical microphone (aka the F-bomb) on live TV.

Some people are calling it funny and badass. I’m calling it unethical and disrespectful.

I’m not posting the video. Or her (fake TV) name. Or her pro-marijuana “business.” She doesn’t deserve that kind of exposure, not because of the cause, but because of the way she presented it.

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Is It News When It’s Legal?

As Americans still reeling from a national tragedy, we’re all a little more sensitive to particular issues — in this instance, guns.

An incident involving an assault rifle took place in Charlottesville Sunday night. As the acting weekend managing editor, I chose not to run the story that our television competition and local paper did.

It started on the police scanners in the newsroom. We heard that a man in his 20s was walking into a local grocery story carrying an AR-15 assault rifle. It was almost casual. According to the scanner traffic, he was not posing any other threat than carrying a weapon.

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