How I Lost My Chance to See ‘Hamilton’

ask me another screenshot

Screenshot of Ask Me Another‘s website. Link below.

Earlier this year, I wrote about that one time I was a game show contestant.

Now, I have the proof.

The episode of the radio show/podcast Ask Me Another featuring yours truly has finally been published. It was recorded in February.

You can listen and/or download it here (or wherever you may get your podcasts).

And though I’m not one for spoilers, I’m about to give one. I didn’t win. Otherwise, I would’ve been bragging about it since February. And here’s why.

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That one time I was a game show contestant


Ophira Eisenberg and Jonathan Coulton host the “Ask Me Another” radio show and podcast.

UPDATE: The podcast episode has been published! Click here for more details on how to listen.


I apparently need to brush up on my ’80s teen movie villains.

And rappers. And constitutional delegates of the 1770s.

But I wouldn’t know I need to do any of this if it weren’t for “Ask Me Another.” It’s a quiz show heard regularly on NPR (on air and in podcast form). And it’s pretty fun.

I fulfilled my lifelong dream of becoming a game show contestant when “AMA” came calling. I had to take a very difficult contestant quiz that challenged my knowledge of history, pop culture, vocabulary and general useless knowledge.

I’m good at the useless knowledge part.

Based on my success there, I received the call to become an actual contestant.

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