Tweeting on Target: a company’s engagement with a lowly customer

Social media engagement is something, I believe as a consumer, companies need to spend resources to perfect.

And Target is doing something right.

I decided to celebrate the beginning of my weekend Friday morning with a trip to Target. Did I need anything? No. I rarely see a specific reason to go to Target, and I don’t think I need one other than wanting to go to Target.

So I tweeted my excitement.

I arrived at the store, picked up a basket and began my adventure. I started off in the snack department, moved to toiletries, then to household goods. I picked up knickknacks along the way. I made my way upstairs (yes, my Target has an upstairs) and browsed through the kitchen, housewares and furniture departments.

I picked up some pretty awesome things along the way. And, of course, I tweeted about them.

A brief rewind. One of my favorite snacks at work is Sour Patch Kids. I won’t lie. I’m mildly addicted, and I’ve tried my best to manage my intake. But every now and then, I have an SPK spurt where I can’t get enough. I tweeted about that a day before my Target adventure.

Clearly, my recent tweets have been meaningful and worthwhile. Now, back to my Target adventure. I checked out using my Target REDcard (I saved 5 percent on my overall bill!) and went on my way. Then, my phone buzzes. I was in awe. I was notified that Target itself responded to my first tweet.

As if that wasn’t enough, a few minutes later, I got another notification.


I was in awe. This massive company based in Minneapolis took the time not only to reply to my tweets sent from hundreds of miles away, but also to research my previous tweets about Sour Patch Kids to craft a personal response. Whoa.

I didn’t respond right away because I wanted to craft a witty response of my own. And I did. My only regret was that I didn’t include the bull’s-eye emoji.

This interaction clearly made my day, and makes me look forward to my next Target shopping adventure. And I will sure be tweeting the company when I do, if only for the hope that maybe they’ll gift me a bag or two of SPKs.

More companies should follow the Target way (and maybe they do, and I just don’t tweet them enough). I can’t turn down a good deal on SPKs.


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