Reporting live: Putting together a résumé tape

That’s my new résumé tape. Demo reel. Reporter showcase.

There’s something I learned from years of producing résumé tapes. There’s no perfect résumé tape.

Maybe there’s a perfect résumé tape in the mind of a potential employer. But his or her version of a perfect résumé tape could be the complete opposite of the competitor’s version of a perfect résumé tape across town. It’s impossible to please everybody.

But I’m confident this will please somebody.

It was no secret at one of my old stations when someone was making a résumé tape. We would always try to hide it from management, but the old footage in the server and the editing files with “DO NOT DELETE” in the name were always smoking guns.

I’m a believer that you should always have a résumé tape, even if you’re not necessarily looking for a job. It’s good to keep it updated as often as possible and to showcase your best clips.

I’ve gotten advice from news directors, read a bunch of blogs and consulted opinionated coworkers for how to produce the perfect résumé tape. Again, there is no consensus. So what I compiled above is what I feel is right.

You’ll see a sample of my live reporting skills, my anchoring abilities, my shooting and writing. One theory of résumé tapes is that you include quick, attention-grabbing clips. Another theory, the one I embraced for the above, is to combine those with more long-form standups that still keep attention. Some might not like that. I stand by it. (Until I change it for my next résumé tape.)

So please, enjoy. But more importantly, share. I’ll see you in boxes, as they say.

UPDATE: So, as I do with resume tapes, I continuously critique my own work, especially after others critique my work. So I updated it once again from this original post. The video you see above is my new new resume tape.

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