Puns get tweeting coders very excited

obama jerry

Screenshot from “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

My favorite online series returned with a new season Wednesday night. Humor is brewing with more episodes of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

(To be fair — CICGC is the only online series I watch.)

Wednesday’s season premiere featured Jerry Seinfeld speaking with President Barack Obama — perhaps an unconventional choice for a comedian, but Seinfeld defends his choice my referencing past White House Correspondents’ dinners.

CBS This Morning decided to move forward with a story on this unlikely pair. I was delighted, because I got to write part of it.

That discovery led to the following tweet:

I thought my #javascript was pretty witty. I’m writing a script about java — get it? Apparently, some coders thought it was funny, too. And now, my newest Twitter followers are a slew of Web designers and coders and IT professionals who will quickly become disappointed to find out that I have nothing much to say about real JavaScript.

Hopefully, they’ll stick around for my incessant tweets about my favorite alma mater, and not expect much more.


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