Signing Off in Charlottesville

Anchoring with Stephanie

Co-anchoring with the fantastic Stephanie Satchell.

All good things must come to an end, they say.

Not really sure who “they” are, but they really don’t know how bittersweet of a statement they’ve created.

After four-and-a-half years in Charlottesville and at CBS19, I’m moving on. In those years, I’ve seen countless people come and go (almost literally—I stopped counting) to bigger places and things. Now I’m joining the club of Newsplex alumni.

I’ve accepted a position at CBS News in New York City as a writer for CBS This Morning. The show is, in my opinion, the best option for morning news and the best quality. I’m joining a team of writers and copy editors who work with a slew of producers to create the two-hour newscast every morning.

This is a challenge that I randomly stumbled upon, and it’s an opportunity I cannot pass up. I’ve loved my years in local television news covering stories that matter to the community, and it’s going to be quite the change to move to a network. It’s a change I’m ready to embrace.

The Newsplex has been great for me. I started as the Web producer where I honed my social media skills. I served as a producer for a number of shows, learning what it takes to build a strong newscast. And then I began reporting and anchoring, combining all of the skills I’ve learned and giving my best every day.

But it’s not the bricks and mortar. It’s the people I’ve met along the way that have had the most impact. The people who’ve supported me, the sources who helped me, and even those who have been upset with me (you can’t be everybody’s friend, I’ve learned). It’s the people I’ve met who have shaped who I am personally and professionally, and who have prepared me for this next chapter of my career.

You’ve got a few more days with me, Charlottesville. You can’t get sick of me just yet.

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