I Guess I Don’t Know How to Blog

I created six blog posts in 2010.

In fact, if you scroll down on the home page of this blog, you can see all six of them and, as an added bonus, a few from 2009.

I know. That’s absolutely pathetic. Fellow journalists and social media experts should be, and I’m sure are, disappointed. Therefore, in 2011, I resolve to do more. I write that knowing that was likely my New Year’s resolution in 2010, as well.

I recently celebrated (commemorated?) my one-year anniversary of joining the Charlottesville Newsplex (yep, that’s the first blog post of 2010). This has ignited a fire in me to blog a bit more. It’s a shame I keep a fire extinguisher in my back pocket.

It’s an unwritten rule (that’s written down on a blog somewhere, I’m sure) that journalists should have a blog. It’s part of our evolving world of multimedia. But what are we supposed to blog about?

There’s a fine line (especially in jobs where contracts are involved) about what journalists are allowed to express opinions about. Typically, it’s nothing. My goal here, as it was for posts here and here (yeah, you could’ve scrolled down), is to give the behind-the-scenes account while I’m out on a story.

Is that the right path?

I’m a believer that any writing is good enough. Just because one person is a “broadcast” journalist doesn’t mean writing isn’t involved. Words are at the core of the profession. That’s why I can be sued for libel, and not slander. In any case, I’m a writer at heart, from my days on my Xanga blog (no, I’m not linking to that) to my days as a legit journalist.

So, as I begin this new blogging trek in 2011, please share your thoughts on what you want to — or should — see on this blog. We’re only getting started.

(P.S. I started this post more than a week ago and saved it as a draft. Hopefully, not a sign of things to come.)

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