AP Stylebook tweets you right

My life just got a little more complete.

I previously vowed on this blog that I would not become a Twitter fiend, yet I find myself strangely addicted to the social networking site. Yet, thanks to a few certain Tweeters (such as LarryMendte, Captn_Morgan and AlexsLemonade), I’ve embraced this ridiculous Web service.

But now, the ultimate product joined Twitter — the AP Stylebook.

The AP Stylebook is the fundamental product any aspiring journalist should worship, regardless of the type of journalism (even broadcasters). Marketing manager Colleen Newvine tweets to followers who ask AP style questions. I think this might be my dream job (next to host of Wheel of Fortune, of course).

I encourage everyone to follow APStylebook and learn a thing or two. And while you’re at it, follow me, too.

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